Breast cancer at 29

Amy w from ME

July 2010 I was diagnosed with Stage 2B breast cancer. I was shocked because I was only twenty nine years old but also because I was healthy. I took care of myself and I thought I ate really well.

Because I was so young and because I thought I was so healthy I questioned if having great nutrition even made a difference. I saw the people around me eating fast food junk and I thought that it just wasn't fair. So, I went through a stage of eating unhealthy food and sweets but I was feeling depressed and yucky. It was then that my friend came to me and said, "I don't know if I could handle the surgery and chemotherapy like you have been. I know it was because you ate so well and took care of yourself that you have doing so great." It was then that I knew I had to go back to quality food.
Even though I splurge on a little chocolate every now again. I know that if it wasn't for organic whole food that I may of had complications but thankful I didn't. I happy to say that I am now thirty years old and I have never been in better health!!!

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